Lil Pump Sued for Leaving Car Accident

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    Mar 4, 2018

    C. Vernon Coleman II
    March 3, 2018


    Lil Pump now has another legal matter to tend to. The South Florida rapper is being sued for allegedly leaving the scene of a bad automobile accident back in October 2017.

    Last night (March 2), TMZ broke the story that a California man has filed documents claiming Pump and his crew pulled a hit-and-run on him. According to the man's story, he claims he was driving his Nissan Pathfinder in Los Angeles on the afternoon of October 11, 2017, when a Bentley collided with his vehicle.

    The man claims he was injured so badly, he couldn't exit the SUV himself, and had to be pulled out by Pump and his crew. But instead of waiting around for police to arrive, the man alleges the people who hit him hopped in another car and peeled off, leaving him laying on the side of the road. But not before retrieving a large duffle bag from the trunk of the Bentley, the man claims. Pump's Bentley was left on the scene, according to this account.

    The man is seeking damages for his injuries, pain and suffering. He also wants the medical bills he incurred because of the accident paid.

    Last month, Pump was arrested after firing a gun in his San Fernando Valley, Calif., home. He was released a day later sporting a brand new ankle monitor.

    The legal issues are coming at a time when Jetski should be focusing on cashing in. He is currently the subject of a bidding war, after becoming a free agent in January.
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    Mar 4, 2018
    well, speaking from experience if there is ever someone who needs like an ambulance, we call them an ambulance. but we also get a group of the boys to go round and make sure theres no drugs or any illegal s--- in sight. this is 10 thousand times better than pieces of s--- who do nothing.
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