Metro Boomin Was The USA's Biggest Hit Songwriter of Q1 2017

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    Jun 30, 2017

    JUNE 29, 2017


    Leland Wayne, aka Metro Boomin, was the most successful hit songwriter in the US across the first three months of this year.

    The achievement is revealed in new quarterly chart exclusively compiled for MBW by online royalty marketplace Royalty Exchange.

    The data shows that Taylor Swift was the market’s second-biggest songwriter in the period, with Ed Sheeran in third place.

    The rankings been created based on a simple methodology: each track on the Billboard Hot 100 chart across the three months has been assigned a point value, with 1,000 points for a No.1 record and down 10 points for each subsequent weekly placing (so the No.100 song each week gets 10 points).

    These points have then been split equally between the songwriters behind each placed track, to create a cumulative total across every week in the quarter.

    Producer/writer Metro Boomin contributed to no less than nine Hot 100 hits in the US in Q1.

    Across the first six months of this year, he has produced five Top 10 records on the Hot 100 Chart including Post Malone’s triple-platinum smash “Congratulations” [feat. Quavo], Migos’s platinum “Bad and Boujee” [feat. Lil Uzi Vert], Future’s platinum “Mask Off,” Kodak Black’s platinum “Tunnel Vision” and Big Sean’s platinum “Bounce Back.”

    Other notable placings in our Top 20 Q1 chart below including Lin-Manuel Miranda – the auteur behind smash musical Hamilton – in fourth spot for his work on the soundtrack to Disney movie Moana, which spawned four chart hits.

    Greg Kurstin is the highest-placed songwriter who doesn’t perform as a featured artist on any of his songs. His writing credits appear on both Adele’s Hello and Sia’s The Greatest (feat. Kendrick Lamar).

    Over the next few weeks, MBW will exclusively reveal more Top Songwriter charts, including Q2’s rankings.

    Look out for MBW and Royalty Exchange’s Q1 Top Songwriter chart for the UK – led by a certain Halifax-born, Suffolk-raised singer/songwriter who pretty much broke the market’s chart in the period.

    Any guesses?

    Royalty Exchange helps artists and rightsholders raise money by connecting them with private investors on the world’s first online marketplace for music royalties.

    You can visit Royalty Exchange’s Hot Hitmakers series for week-to-week tracking of the top songwriters behind the songs of the week.

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    he done came so far, remember when i first heard him on 19 & boomin
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