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Started by MichaelsMad, Nov 4, 2019, in Creative Add to Reading List

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    Nov 4, 2019
    Yo! I know this section is kind of dead, but I have a friend who is trying to gain some more clientele for mixing/mastering and production. He's very knowledgable with years of expierence, and I can link his personal music as well as others he has mixed and mastered and produced for. (His personal sound is by no means all that he is capable of) hes offering exclusive beat rights for 150, and i believe hes also willing to produce something from scratch right now. And his mixing and mastering is pretty cheap right now as well. If you go to spotify his name is Ritual of Ether. His latest project is no more souls vol 1. Like I said his own style is nowhere near what he is capable of. Also if you look up Jrumma on spotify he produced and mixed and mastered his project aswell. Hed love to get involved with other artists and different sounds. So if anyone is interested let me know, I'll link you up to his contact info.
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