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It's been a long journey. Collectively, we've had many places that we've called 'home' throughout the years. With new ownership, technologies, guidelines, & a dedicated staff, we promise you that we will *not* shut down, be forced down, or stay down. That's a promise.

Some of you have been with us for large portions of our lives now. D12 World, Rapbasement, StudioLeaks -- it's been a wild ride these past 10+ years (that's crazy to think about). We've been through a lot of great times together, and we've certainly learned a few things over this past decade. We've learned that this board is greater that just a piece of internet real estate. It's more than just a forum. Or a URL. Or a catchy title. This is a community. And we are a family. We may fight, we may argue, and we may disagree at times, but we are a family nonetheless, and that's what keeps things so entertaining.

We've also picked up on a few things throughout the years -- most important of which is how to PROPERLY run a forum. No gimmicks, no dead space, no dying technologies, and no lazy ownerships or poor management. We promise to stay ahead of the game and will continue to adapt and grow with new, innovative technologies & modifications to maximize your experience. We like to think of these past 10 years as a learning opportunity, in which we've been able to perfect our craft. We've matured, we've grown, and we think that you'll see that as you take a look around your new home here.

For those of you who continue to frequent our site, we thank you. Others of you who are just joining us -- whether you're migrating from another community, or are starting out fresh, we welcome you and hope that you'll enjoy your time here.

Keep Posting,
Staff '14


Feel free to ask any questions as you get a chance to navigate the site.
For a listing of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), please refer to the following:

Why 'Section Eighty'?
After some discussion, that's what we landed on. It probably isn't what you expected, but we wanted a name we could grow with for the foreseeable future. We wanted to name the site after a classic album, but most of everything we tried was taken. So we went with Section Eighty, which Kendrick used to refer to his generation. RB and SL rode the success of Eminem, KTT rode the success of Kanye, and we thought we'd bank on Kendrick going forward. Section Eighty is ambiguous, yet specific enough not to put us in a box. If you don't like it now, it'll grow on you.

Is there a download section?
No. We've learned many things throughout the years. One of these lessons being that contributing towards the illegal pirating of artists' work is not to be tolerated. We've learned this lesson the hard way in the past, and this time around, we want to be a legitimate source of music information & discussion.

Does this mean that links are not allowed to be posted?
While we encourage you to use and contribute to this resource, please do not post any direct download links. We do, however, fully encourage links to videos, streams, etc.. We've worked hard so that the forum integrates well with YouTube/SoundCloud/Instagram/Facebook/Twitter/etc. directly into your posts. All you have to do is include the link in your post and it will automatically embed in your reply.

Profanity isn't allowed?!
Due to AdSense requirements, we needed to add a profanity filter. This can easily be disabled by navigating to the top menu > your member name > 'Preferences' from the dropdown > 'Profanity Contents' > 'Enable Profanity Contents' checkbox.

Plus Members & Trophy System
The progress bar under your name on the home page represents your accumulated points and indicates how far away you are to becoming a Plus Member (Elite/Vet class). Plus Members are are recognized throughout the forum and are granted access to privileged areas. You gain points by achieving several milestone trophies, listed here: http://forum.sectioneighty.com/help/trophies

How does the 'Featured Albums' section work?
One of our main goals here is to keep the forums fresh. Make it ever-changing, with up-to-date trends & information. As part of this vision, we opted to implement a 'Featured Albums' section which will dynamically change over time. Look for current, high-profile albums to be listed here. As the hype comes & goes, so will the discussions surrounding them, and so will their visibility in this particular section.

Can I customize the forum?
Yes! We went with a style that allows members to change the background & banner images to your liking. From the home page, navigate to the top left, and you will find an icon that takes you to the 'Edit Theme' control. Here, you can choose from a handful of images.

Featured Threads
From time-to-time, you may see featured threads displayed inside the banner image on the home page of the forum. This is just another way that we'll keep things current here.

Miscellaneous Site Features
How to quote/reply to just a portion of a post:
Highlight a portion of another member's post and you'll receive a 'Reply' dropdown. Clicking this will quote that member in your reply, and will only quote that part of the text selected. Else, if you wish to quote their entire post, then use the 'Reply' hyperlink located at the bottom right of their initial posting.

Mention posters to get their attention:
To mention another member in your post, simply prefix their username with a "@". When done correctly, the other member will receive an alert that they have been mentioned in a thread. Ex: @SectionEighty

Adding smilies by shortcut:
Smilies can be added by either selecting them from the smilie list in the reply options, or you can use the text shortcuts found here: http://forum.sectioneighty.com/help/smilies

BB Codes:
A listing of available BB codes can be found here: http://forum.sectioneighty.com/help/bb-codes

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