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    Oct 25, 2020
    Now listen its really hard to hear a real one
    We don't talk much we don't speak enough
    But we keep it up
    Moving with punches rollin with em too
    Whatever we gotta do to get past the afternoon
    This after school no class in session
    Just life what it throws at you so pay attention
    Stay focused and remember
    Flow is the ember
    I bestow loyalty forever
    There's many fakes and substitutes
    That say they f--- with you
    But really just f---in with you
    Want your girl or loot
    Im real as the truth
    Non fiction spittin tooth
    Hardness of spit harnesses for trees in the spliff
    Higher than s--- comin from king Kong
    Im ready for whatever bring it on
    We gotta stay in the game make loads to save
    Controller ablaze there's no controlling your whole fate
    But have faith little Christ in us all
    Consider me the only one that won't dissolve
    In the wave of fakes everyday
    Strength of the mind heavyweight
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