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SXN80 app change log

Discussion in 'Issues & Announcements' started by Koolo, Dec 25, 2016.

  1. Koolo


    Dec 25, 2016 SAS IS THE NEW KANYE

    instead of making threads every now and then i will just sticky this and update it with news

    2.1.2 just got pushed, should go be in the store soon

    Bug Fixes (reported from 2.1.1):

    * Alerts not working on iOS (important)
    * Conflicts with post editor (important)
    * Feeds only showing 1 item (important)
    * Default feed title color on iOS
    * Crashing on iOS 8 Devices
    ** Note: this is iOS 8's final update, as it is used in under 5% of devices

    Note: Due to Apple's app store team being away for the holidays, this
    update will likely be released for iPhones/iPads after the new year.

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