T.I. Believes East Coast Bias Is The Only Reason 50 Cent's Bigger Than Nelly

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    Jul 10, 2020

    T.I. has challenged 50 Cent to a Verzuz battle, but the offer hasn’t been accepted so far. In what may be a ploy to get 50 to participate, T.I. diminished the New York-bred rapper’s Hip Hop status by claiming the G-Unit boss has greatly benefited from East Coast bias.

    “New York is the birthplace of Hip Hop and they have the most successful, some of the most talented lyricists known to man,” he said during an appearance on Hot 97’s Ebro in the Morning. “But even though they have those lyricists, some of the most capable and accomplished lyricists known to man, it’s some bs that slid through there that y’all hold up in high regard that if they was from somewhere else, it wouldn’t have been the same.”

    Co-host Peter Rosenberg then pressed T.I. to name some examples, which led to 50 getting mentioned. According to Tip, if 50 wasn’t from New York, he’d be on the same level as Nelly

    “I’ll tell you what, just being real — if 50 Cent were from the Midwest, he’d be Nelly,” T.I. contended. “Nelly got two diamond albums!”

    While T.I. incorrectly stated Nelly has two diamond LPs (only 2000’s Country Grammar has earned that certification while 2002’s Nellyville is four million sales shy of it), his point does have some merit when examining album sales alone.

    T.I.’s argument to downgrade 50’s standing in Hip Hop comes amid the Power executive producer trolling the Grand Hustle leader over his Verzuz challenge. Earlier this week, 50 reposted an old clip of Tip in a Crime Stoppers campaign video on Instagram and got a lengthy response from the Atlanta-bred rapper.

    “I’ll take this as an acceptance of this catalog challenge,” T.I. wrote. “YEEESSSSSIR-SKI‼️ @verzuztv @therealswizzz @Timbaland WE GOT HIM‼️ HE BIT THE BAIT‼️SET THIS s--- UP SO I CAN FINALLY SHUT THIS WATERMELON HEAD,INVISIBLE NECK a--- n----- UP ONCE AND FOR ALL‼️”

    He added, “As far as this clip goes…it’s cute… old,outdated,& in poor taste (much like your catalog @50cent)… however I prefer FACTS‼️ AND THE FACT REMAINS….I HAVE NEVER GIVEN ANY INFORMATION TO ANY FORM OF LAW ENFORCEMENT AT ANYTIME IN LIFE TO GET ANYBODY ANY TIME FOR ANY CRIME‼️ Supreme told me to ask @50cent if he can say the same???
    May 17, 2022
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    Jul 10, 2020
    i thought these versus battles were like friendly and fun

    Seeing all this stop twittering like a 12 year old and write some diss songs boys!
    May 17, 2022
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    Jul 10, 2020
    What is this lmfao
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    Jul 10, 2020
    Nah, there's reputation at stake here!
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