The D.O.C. Recalls Working With N.W.A In The Studio

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    Nov 6, 2015
    Article Source: HipHopDX -

    by DANIELLE HARLING on November 06th 2015


    The D.O.C. says Eazy-E made up for lack of talent with his star power.

    As an artist who collaborated extensively with N.W.A, The D.O.C. was asked how he linked up with the Compton, California-based group, and what it was like working with N.W.A in the studio, during a newly-released interview with Vlad TV.

    In regards to how he initially linked up with the group, The D.O.C. revealed that a mutual friend brought the group to his hometown of Dallas, Texas. He later spoke on the unexpected release of the N.W.A. And The Posse album, which he was featured on as a member of the Fila Fresh Crew.

    “There was a mutual friend in Dallas who had worked with Alonzo in some capacity as a deejay,” The D.O.C. said. “And when the ‘Boyz-n-the-Hood’ record started to get some action, this dude brought those guys to Dallas. And so, that’s how I met the guy. And through just a bunch of different situations, we ended up working together…It was a lot of music being made by a lot of groups. And the people that controlled that music put that record out. I didn’t know anything about that record. And I didn’t know I was in the posse.”

    During the interview, The D.O.C. also recalled working with N.W.A, specifically Eazy-E, in the studio. He revealed that although Eazy didn’t boast a lot of talent, his character and swagger made up for it.

    “He was a cool kid,” he said while speaking on Eazy-E. “Really strong character. Didn’t have a lot of talent. But the it that makes you a star was him. We were all really—I would say…I was really just trying to copy Eazy’s swag. When I first got out here I was trying to do what Eric did. He was a real solider. And he helped these guys do some pretty incredible things. It was really cool working with him.”
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