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Mixtape TPK - Judgment Day: Now or Never [COMING SOON]

Discussion in 'Creative' started by tpk, May 17, 2017.

  1. tpk


    May 17, 2017

    So this is the last mixtape I'll ever make, ever. If "vs. The Industry" was the Appetizer and "Never Fell Off" was the salad then "Judgment Day: Now or Never" is the main course.

    It's going to be a mixture of my new stuff plus the earlier stuff I made before I became TPK. It's basically a back to basics for me with better beats.

    Here's the cover.


    @YDB @Papa Buff

    Not tagging CreativeSXN until it releases, but I will tag @Alonna88 cause I want her to see what I'm really capable of. Plus I'm making beats for her (which I need to get inspiration for) which will be the best thing I'll ever do. She's got a good voice plus a good sense of what's real. I don't care about her behavior, we need more musicians out there.

    Anyways, discuss.

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