US boy planned playground killing: court

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    Sep 1, 2015
    A BOY charged with the slaying of a nine-year-old in a US playground told an emergency dispatcher he was "fed up with life".

    IN the emergency call played during his murder trial, the boy, who is now 13, is heard telling a dispatcher to send an officer and that he had "just stabbed someone."

    When asked who was stabbed, the boy replies: "I don't know, I'm fed up with life."

    The recording followed testimony in Kent County Circuit Court from witnesses and Michael Connor Verkerke's mother and younger brother.

    The victim, called "Connor" by his family, was stabbed to death in August 2014, after falling off a slide in Kentwood, Michigan.

    The two boys didn't know each other before the younger boy was approached at the playground.

    The defendant was 12 at the time and is designated as an adult in the juvenile court system.

    That means he would be sentenced as a juvenile if convicted, then re-sentenced as an adult at age 21.

    Prosecutors said the older boy had planned to stab someone for a year, and that he hid a kitchen knife in a sandbox and removed his own shirt to keep blood off it.

    "He went looking for someone he didn't know, and that someone turned out to be Connor Verkerke," Kent County Assistant Prosecutor Kevin Bramble said Tuesday.

    "His actions clearly show he understood the wrongfulness of his conduct. He knew to call police because he knew it was wrong."

    But defence lawyer Charles Boekeloo said his client was the victim of physical abuse at home.

    "He had no choice," Boekeloo said. "This was his only way out."

    Earlier on Tuesday, Dani Verkerke had told the jury that her son introduced the older boy as his "new friend" the day of the stabbing.
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    May 26, 2022
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    Sep 2, 2015
    What a sad story...
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    i'm sorry but what the f--- is this bs
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