What if I Produced Eminem

Started by RMANWLK, Feb 9, 2020, in Creative Add to Reading List

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    Feb 9, 2020
    the tittle says it all, as a big fan i had to do it, so i created an imaginary story.
    imagine that you are in the studio with eminem and that he asks you to create a small EP just for him.
    there is a theme that I would have liked him to touch upon for a moment in his career, in his songs, it is his relationship to religion, the spiritual
    this is why certain beats in this tape, sound "religious". this is the direction i wanted to give to this EP,
    without of course forgetting what makes the character eminem / slim shady, which is his "looney tunes" song, dark, bomb bap beats/story..

    hope you will appreciate it.

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