When Suge Knight Threatened Vanilla Ice on his Hotel Balcony

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    Jun 16, 2021
    So I came across this clip on Youtube. Vanilla Ice talks about the 2 times he encountered Suge Knight.

    The first encounter was when Suge and his crew came to a restaurant he was in, pushed Vanilla Ice's bodyguards aside to have a chat with him.

    The second time they went to his hotel room.

    The story has been exagerated by some saying Suge dangled Vanilla Ice over the balcony by his feet which is false, but he did make him sign papers, which according to Vanilla Ice equated to 3-4 million in royalties.

    Anyway, Suge was such a terrifying dude in the 90s. The amount of power and control he had was scary.

    You know s--- is scary when you're a pretty big star and your hired bodyguards get pushed aside and intimidated by Suge's crew.

    There are countless shakedown stories like these involving Suge. It's no surprise Dre and Snoop wanted the f--- out of Deathrow. Even Pac towards the end.

    Deathrow must have been a pretty stressful environment to work in.
    May 28, 2022
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    Jun 17, 2021
    Love Suge stories. Nice thread
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    May 28, 2022