Eminem Why did MGK say he was ready to respond to Eminem?

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    Jan 20, 2020
    MGK said if Eminem responded to Killshot he’d have material to come at him again. But then he seemed like a little baby in the interview and he was arguing saying that he’s not a mumble rapper, and his manbun was for a movie. It’s almost like MGK doesn’t know that Eminem is gonna diss you whether you agree with it fully or not.

    And MGK tried to act all cool on twitter and say the album was BS. His video looked like he was gonna cry but had to act cool. why did he mislead us and say he could come back at Em? What’s the point of MGK even rapping in the first place if he cannot fulfill his promise?

    MGK looked like a drag in one of his recent pics. If Eminem dissed him about looking like that, MGK would just argue and say Eminem don’t know what he’s talking about. MGK can never flip any lines on Eminem. Instead he just gets emotional and denies Eminem’s claims. Seems odd to get so triggered over another guy having fun in a line about your man bun.
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