Drake Why does most of reddit hate Drake?

Started by TobinTelder, Oct 3, 2019, in Drake Add to Reading List

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    Oct 3, 2019
    Hello everyone,,
    I dont get it, hes the number 1 artist in the world right now on Spotify and he still get loads of hate. On music when Scorpion was released it didnt even get 500 upvotes but when some random rock song gets posted it gets thousands of upvotes . The most upvoted s--- about Drake on music is negativity like "Drake sucks, Drakes overrated, Em disses Drake for Ghost writers" "Pusha disses Drake" all of these get thousands of upvotes. Even on hiphopheads Drake aint regarded up high up.

    This sub isnt even as big as some of the other artist subs who are much lower than him.

    Sorry if I sound like a b---- but I'm just really concerned about this.
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