Young Thug yo slime language is pretty good

Started by ronnysingh, Dec 25, 2018, in Young Thug Add to Reading List

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    Dec 25, 2018
    "tsunami" is solid. a really credible rap with enough to savor. lotta replay on it. "oh yeah" reminds me of "on me ft lil yacthy" and his sister is pretty snug on the track. i really like "oh yeah" i want him to sing not punch motifs into some sing rap stuff. "chanel go get it" really benefits from the new video. i see it in a new light. songs like "dirty shoes" dont have that old school radio sound spin of older thug -im talking Halftime, with that. all of those classic thug production songs. at the very least you can respect thug from coming from the projects as this ignorant kid to approaching making art experiemnts with his songs. he could be churning out drake style constructions but he is really making us follow him around. he is pretty much the goat artist of all generations is what im saying. every other song is not that bad
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