young dolph gifts baristas who got fired for playing his music 20k

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    May 12, 2018
    Young Dolph a real one for helping those two Duke baristas out.
    Earlier this week, we reported a story where two employees at a Duke campus coffee shop were fired after they were playing Young Dolph’s music over the store’s speakers. The Vice President for student affairs at Duke, Larry Moneta, walked into the cafe last Friday, and heard Dolph’s “Get Paid” song being played. He was so offended by the lyrics that he got the two baristas on staff at the time fired from the coffee shop.

    Well it appears those two baristas, Britni Brown and Kevin Simmons, are coming out ahead thanks to Young Dolph himself. Revolt TV reports that the Memphis rapper decided to fly the two baristas down to Miami on his dime to see his performance Friday night at the Rolling Loud Festival, but that just half of it. In addition to the free concert & airfare, Dolph also blessed Britni & Kevin with $20,000 dollars each too!

    "So check this out, this what we gon do. I know for a fact that the VP at that school get money, but he don't get money like Dolph. So until y'all get a new job, I got $20,000 for y'all right now,” Dolph said while he brought them out on stage.

    While there’s no footage of the moment yet, a couple fans have tweeted out that same thing about Dolph gifting them $20K, pretty much confirming Revolt TV. Check out those tweets (below). Salute to Young Dolph for this dope move.”

    GOAT move
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