Kanye West 9th Wonder Recalls Kanye West’s Uncertain Start in Music

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    Jan 3, 2018

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    With every aspiring artist, they all started from the bottom. Musicians in particular can either be one-hit wonders or a driving force in the industry, Kanye West being a perfect example of the latter.

    Success is driven by a lot of work and dedication, even through trials and tribulations, and with the new year bringing forth a reflective state of mind, producer 9th Wonder recently took a trip down memory lane and recalled some of the rough patches artists face, even someone like Kanye West.

    He shared, “So….John Legend performed anyway through the Kanye chants and the boos. If I learned anything from the whole Kanye and John Legend experience…is that to this day…that chip on his shoulder is real. Outside of the tastemakers, people don’t listen to music. They watch, and they need qualifiers.”

    Check out the full rundown of tweets below.


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