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    Aug 22, 2019
    has anybody ever watched any of his interviews? im sure yall know hes TDE engineer, but godamn. that dude is something special. I was gonna post a video, but im having trouble finding it, but he was talking about how recording and mixing Kendrick before they made it that he decided to really experiment with automation (reverbs delays) and layering kendricks vocals but pitch shifting the layers, anything to give it atmosphere and make it stand out.

    bc at the time they had pro tools and a mic nothing else. and he just stressed how they took the full advantage of what they had to get noticed, and dropped this little gem "don't think you cant be the best, bc you don't have the best" but his imaging (panning) of his layers and effects is f---ing nuts to me.

    He has the potential to be on dres level of engineering one day easily. Bc he is outlandish right now as it is. any other engineers you all look at or are impressed by?
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    May 26, 2022