Gustavo Jax- Changed My Name (Donda Leftover)

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    Sep 6, 2021

    I changed my name for money
    no more gustavo jax
    I need some feel bucks by monday
    living in the edge you can say i'm a dummY
    My sunday is not even sunny
    got a new job but ain't gettin' paid anytime soon
    help a fella out, throw some bucks
    help me pay my room
    life sucks
    Brazil is getting worse everyday
    it's a national disaster
    should I scream mayday?
    some people can doubt about the situation
    I can show proof without hesitation
    You don't need help me Out and i'm not lying
    but if you give me 5 bucks, i'll say to myself "you need stop crying"
    I'm writing this freestyle cuz i can't record a song
    feel free to drop likes, as the life goes on
    shout out to the homies who helped me before
    If you feel this words i'm spittin'
    you could help a lil more.
    And please don't judge me about baggin' for money
    at least i'm not robbin' people, or scamming
    this is real life, my own nightmare
    i'm fading out
    hoping i was enough fair
    enough said
    i'm out.

    P.S every buck is welcomed paypal [email protected] your $5 dollar is my R$ 20 reais.
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