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    Mar 8, 2021
    I know we have the crypto thread but right now and I personally think that is the best place to be. But right now there is opportunity everywhere. If you are getting stimulus and don't really need it, then not investing it is kind of crazy. Had you invested your first Stimulus back in April then it would be worth 9000 today.

    I wanted to share what I think is the best chance to make some crazy gains.

    If NFT isn't on your radar yet then it will be soon. I am working on some projects but right now am making a killing on the cryptocurrencies behind this. You could make even more if you are good with photoshop or graphic design. If not you can still make bank in general as the first ever tweet just got a bid for 2.5 million. Anyways that rabbit hole is deep but I am up to speed for the most part so I can help anyone get started, just hit me up. Some say this is a bubble, maybe, but I don't think so. Artists are starting to mint their albums as NFT.

    I'm not sure there is anything hotter right now but what are you guys getting into?

    Do your own research and I'm not a Financial advisor.
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