is p monch the goat technically speaking in terms of his bars

Started by ronnie enclade, Jan 10, 2020, in Music Add to Reading List

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    Jan 10, 2020
    Y'all know the name
    Pharoahe f---in' Monch, ain't a d--- thing changed
    You all up in ya Range and s---, inebriated
    Strayed from your original plan, you deviated
    I alleviated the pain with long-term goals
    Took my underground loot, without the gold
    You sold platinum 'round the world, I sold wood in the hood
    But when I'm in the street and s---, it's all good
    I'm soon to motivate a room, control the game like Tomb Raider
    Rock, clock dollars, flip tips like a waiter
    Block shots, style's greater, let my lyrics anoint
    If you holding up the wall, then you missin' the point
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    Dec 4, 2022