Kevin Gates got the most powerful catalog of all time

Started by Lucy, Sep 17, 2018, in Music Add to Reading List

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    Sep 17, 2018
    look at his mixtapes;
    Pick of Da Litter
    All or Nuthin
    All In
    Behind Enemy Lines
    The Leak
    I Don't Know What 2 Call It (Vol. 1)
    Make 'Em Believe
    In the Meantime
    The Luca Brasi Story
    Stranger Than Fiction
    By Any Means
    Luca Brasi 2
    Murder for Hire
    Murder for Hire 2
    By Any Means 2

    As u can see I have colour coded the ones that are equivalent to a major label debut album, but are actually just free mixtapes. name an artist with a better discog. not gonna wait cause it's gonna take you 10 years

    "Please select a prefix" please f--- off?
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