King V's "Speedin Bullet To Heaven" Track By Track Review

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    Dec 5, 2015
    Okay, let's get this started

    Edge Of The Earth/Post Mortem Bordedom - the lyrics are very vivid, but the vocals & instrumental are dull, repetitive af, & drag on for WAY too long in the same repetitive manner, rendering the song completely unenjoyable for me. Cudi then b------s about the afterlife on the second half; and the lyrics are just way too whiny, i hated the whiny vocals as well, & hated the boring, grungy instrumental. I thought this second half was just pure s---.

    Confused! - Lyrics were interesting i guess, song had some rhythm, vocals & instrumental weren't unbearable. This song was alright, i guess, but just alright.

    Man In The Night - Cudi screams about living in the moment this annoyingly terrible faux punk song. There's not a single thing i enjoyed here, and MY GOD, the beavis & butthead skit was cringeworthy.

    Screwed - I liked Cudis vivid lyrical representation of nearing death, i like the atmospheric, ambient instrumental, & i like the vocals. Overall, i f--- with this song.

    Fade To Red - This song was painful to my ears, I just do not f--- with angsty punk Cudi.

    Adventures - I couldn't f--- with this. The instrumental, the vocals, the lyrics (god, those lyrics) were something that i just could NOT enjoy. At all.

    The Nothing - Wow the beginning was cringeworthy, god what an awful start to a song, but i enjoyed the rest, that dark sound worked here.

    Amen - More whiny, angsty Cudi. I thought this track was awful

    Handle With Care - Cudi gets introspective here, and talks about his fragility, i thought that was interesting to hear him admit, cause we all know this MFer is sensitive (just look at his tweets). But that doesn't save the song for me, i still think it's a pretty s-----y song overall.

    Judgemental c---- - WORST f---ing TRACK ON THE ALBUM for me. I hated every single element of this track, especially Cudis vocals.

    Seance Chaos - More garage rock, faux punk s---, i hated this s--- too. 2nd worst track for me.

    Fairy Tale Remains - Cudis on some poppy alt rock s--- here, yeah, the lyrics are f---ing awful, but i f--- with this.

    Wedding Tux - Cudi talks about dying again, on a pretty nice instrumental, & i don't mind his vocals. It's alright, don't think it's anything special though.

    Angered Kids - Cudi on some early 2000s garage rock s---, i like the instrumental, but yeah Cudis vocals killed this song for me, cannot stand him here.

    Red Sabbath - Cudi talks about wanting to leave his life behind on this dark, hopeless track. I don't f--- with this track at all.

    Fuschia Butterflies - Cudis beating himself up on another boring a--- grunge track. I don't f--- with this track, s--- bores me, & sonically, i feel like i've already heard this before.

    Speedin Bullet To Heaven - Cudi talks about heading towards heaven on this atmospheric, melodic track. I f--- with the instrumental, i f--- with the lyrics, & i f--- with Cudis vocals. Easily my favorite track off the album.

    Embers - Cudi talks about leaving life on this emotional, melodic track. I f--- with this track, probably my 2nd favorite track.

    Anomaly (rehearsal) - I like the lo fi-ness, i like the anger, i like the energy. I f--- with this track

    Return Of Chip Douglas - Cudi talks about finding a new friend on this track. I thought this track was absolute s---.

    Trauma - Cudi talks about his traumatic experiences here. Subject wise, it was interesting, but the vocals, instrumental, & overall energy all make for a boring a--- song.

    Wait - Cudi talks about not wanting to wait for the right girl, on this angsty, energetic track, that i just can't find myself enjoying. I think this track was absolutely awful.

    Insides Out - Cudi talks about not being afraid of death, s----s gettin a bit repetive at this point. I f--- with the vocals on the hook, but thats it, the rest i just can't get around to enjoying.

    Speedin Bullet (Accoustic Version) - This accoustic version bores the s--- out of me, i prefer the album version.

    Worth - I f--- with this, it has energy, it has rhythm, i like Cudis vocals, its alright. Cudis lyrics are f---ing awful, but i can get past them

    Melting - I f--- with this HEAVY. I like the vocals, the instrumental, electronic elements & the lyrics are alright. Easily my favorite Side B track.

    Overall, imma give this a 4/10. I thought it was mostly garbage, with just a FEW good tracks, i'd say that this is easily his worst work, & making the album 26 tracks really didn't help at all
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    ill just listen to the tracks u liked
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