This thread shows how people switched up on SGP

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    I'll do the best I can but it's difficult cuz Purrp always deletes s--- and changes his twitter. But basically in late 2014/early 2015 Purrp moved to Atlanta and was working with the whole ATL scene over there, namely Fauni, Uno, Carti etc. and he was looking to get his career back together.

    Here are songs he did with Uno/Fauni


    Terror g---

    Animorph Religion


    Nue Nue II which used to have a music video

    here they are in SGP's music video, Purrp in Fauni's video, Purrp in Uno's video.. there's more I don't remember (this one was the same day I think), I think one of them is in this but you get the idea edit: interview with Fauni on SGP (Nue Nue II is an SGP beat called Gettin Rich btw dunno why Fauni said that), another

    here's a poster for a show they were doing together and some footage

    Lil Uzi Vert isn't from Atlanta but he was still a fan of Purrp and reached out to him for beats

    White s--- which had a video as well but was taken down for some reason

    here he is saying he's got more s--- with SGP on the way. Purrp's old twitter said it was gunna be a mini EP but that twitter's deleted

    also here's him dancing to BMW lol

    btw did anyone notice how his new forehead tatts are basically the same as SGP's?

    Yachty and Purrp only met like once and Yachty talks about it here in an interview.

    Here's an irrelevant tweet and another

    Here and here he is now lol

    Carti used to be a Asap Mob hater and a Raider Klan fan... Actually the whole of Awful Records were huge SGP fans and Father, Slug Christ etc have all spoken on it. Here's Fway's (ex Raider Klan member) story about working with Carti and meeting Uno. Here's the song. Again, the old tweets are irrelevant but they're still funny to look back on

    So with all this happening throughout the year, the underground guys started to make some noise and Bari saw the potential so he went to A3C in October of 2015 knowing that Purrp and the whole of ATL was going to be there and he got Purrp jumped, made him look like a b---- and got everyone to join Asap/Vlone. The only one's who stayed loyal to SGP were the guys in Goth Money even though Bari tried. The rumor was SGP's video director Drxvmz (shot Bloody Mary, MOB etc) helped Bari set Purrp up

    Here's Uno's tweets on the incident well after it happened

    edit: Uno briefly speaking on SGP at ~27 min

    edit: screenshots 1 and 2

    edit: tweets from 2 vlone models Bari got to help him jump Purrp 1 2 3

    Now here are the shots these guys are throwing at SGP now that they're with Bari

    Carti saying f--- SpaceGhostPurrp in Miami

    Carti/Yachty- Run it. They say 'If I see Purrp it's a homi, f--- Purrp' *edited with live version cuz the other link got taken down

    Carti- Pump Fake. Says 'f--- SpaceGhostPurrp'

    Carti/Uno- Vlone Thug. They say smoking Purrp blunt,' 'Purrp got no money' and for anyone who doesn't know, Jitt is SGP's friend who got killed and Purrp saying RIP Jitt in a lot of his songs. A big part of the reason the RK/Asap beef happened was because Bari and other Asap members were always saying f--- Jitt/smoking Jitt to Purrp. This is the reason SGP dropped that Yams diss song. Here's some tweets proving that

    edit: and Carti just dissed him on Let It Go off his tape "f--- that SGP he know I brung that phonk, hit him with the pump.." (few years back though..) also Yachty's weed carrier dissed SGP on Up Next 2 off Yachty's mixtape

    edit: Ferg's track with Carti- Mad Man is a Raider Klan diss and Ferg threw a shot (even though that beef old I don't care I will not f--- with the Raiders), last time he dissed Purrp was on Dump Dump but after that on Perfume he gave SGP props saying 'he brought the phonk into my group.' Basically Ferg went from cool with Purrp to beef to cool with Purrp to beef

    and the latest person to join in on the 'f--- Jitt' thing was Lucki Eck. He randomly tweeted this about SGP then old tweets(here's more and more, and I added some positive tweets just to be fair lol) surfaced of him praising Purrp so he tweeted this.. Coincidentally Lucki just recently started working with Asap members.

    Also he's not a new rapper by any means but here's Key! backstage with SGP and some more funny tweets to look back on lol

    SGP. Legend.

    Rocky ain't trill.

    edit: Key! giving props to SGP then remembering he's rolling with A$AP now

    Here's a tweet I saw Kane Grocery's favorite basically summing up the whole thing

    all of this goes back to Bari. There was also that time SGP had a show with Travis Scott and Ian Connor was there. SGP and Ian became friends then Bari got mad and started saying f--- Ian Connor. Then Ian started dissing SGP to get on Bari's good side again.

    edit: tried to look for these tweets but I think they're deleted but here's some of them just to show you how much these guys switch up

    Ian before meeting ASAP, Ian after joining ASAP.

    Ian tweeted this to SGP after meeting him and also tweeted that he wants SGP to succeed and they had a whole convo. Then Bari said this and this and other ASAP members like Antstarted turning on Ian

    Nowadays he's back to dissing SGP but Bari still seems to be mad about the other stuff. Dude just has a weird hatred for Purrp

    Also Purrp talked about some of this stuff here

    btw I obviously left a lotta s--- out that I can't remember but I'll edit if stuff comes to me

    also I can look up 100s of tweets where these guys were praising SGP but like I said, I don't think that's really relevant but they are funny to look back on ( couldn't resist leaving this out tho)
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    Jesus Christ. Who the f--- is Bari anyway? High-Priest Dark Lord of VLONE and A$AP Mob? And n-----, I don't know who Kane Grocery is, but Aunty OkAAAY is mah fave Female Sound cloud Music Artist.

    Blind a--- n----s never notice when I give her props. d--- tho. Carti probably started regressing on purpose to appease Bari so he could look, sound, and be as weak of a rapper and hu(man) being as he does, in comparison to Bari and everyone else? Industry full of fakes. Never moving to NYC. Some b---- a--- cliquish s---. What is this about?

    Purrp Lindsay Lohan and Bari Rachel McAddams characters portrayed on the motion picture comedy classic "Mean Girls". That n----- Ian Connor is the girl who didn't even go to their school.
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