Was WOW a wake up call for Marshall?

Started by Hip Hop Gawd, Nov 22, 2017, in Eminem Add to Reading List

  1. Hip Hop Gawd
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    Nov 22, 2017
    Of course it was meant to be a lead single. At the very least it was meant to be a Love The Way You Lie. But it backfired. I commend him for taking a chance and giving truth in his song. But it could be hypocritical. He says the sales are declining and yet tried to sell by putting Beyonce on the track. And it still didn’t work, so now they aren’t promoting it.

    Perhaps Em lost his mind and ran out of ideas and thought this would work and decided to not even use drums. He thought people would like it because it’s different.

    He thought that because his fans criticize him that this was the direction he should go. And the album was pushed back because he realized that this wasn’t the way to go.

    He used to not give a f--k. Now it is obvious he cares so much. And that is why it backfired. So maybe this is what Eminem deserved by trying to make a humble song, while putting Beyonce on the hook.

    Do you think maybe now he realizes that he should have been making music the way he wants to? Because think about it. He put Beyonce on the hook and it still didn’t work. If you’re gonna sell out then at least make a hit. Maybe now he realizes that the way he should be rapping is the way he made it to the top in the first place.
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    Jun 25, 2019
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    I was riding on a bike on a very late night

    Nov 22, 2017
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  3. Awfullyhotcoffeepot
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    Nov 22, 2017
    100% agreed

    He tried to play on that whole SJW making himself the victim thinking he would sell like crazy with this sad azz song

    But nobody wants this from EM
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    Jun 25, 2019
  4. debauch
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    Nov 22, 2017
    Thanks for translating Marshall's thoughts, lol.

    (Close thread)
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    Jun 25, 2019
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    Nov 22, 2017
    It was never meant to be a LTWYL and stop making threads, cracker
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    Jun 25, 2019