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Album Drake - 'More Life' [OUT NOW]

Discussion in 'Drake' started by Jet✞, Oct 23, 2016.

  1. Jet✞


    Oct 23, 2016 Yes this is me

    M O R E L I F E

    Two Birds, One Stone
    Fake Love
    Sneakin (feat. 21 Savage)

    We have a theory at GRM that Drake’s new project, More Life, might be a UK collaboration. What’s your opinion on that?
    AJ Tracey: "[Laughs… a lot] Nah. No. No. I don’t think so, still. You might be hearing some UK collabs on there, even a couple but it’s not… I already know some of the tracks and I know enough tracks to know it’s not a UK thing. That was a cool theory though! Sorry that I’ve just shut it down, because that is a cool theory."

    Drake - KMT (Kiss My Teeth) feat. Giggs

    Drake - No Questions feat. Giggs

    Drake - Free Smoke

    Drake - Get Together feat. Jennifer Lopez

    Drake w/ Dj Semtex
    "You know it’s funny cos we’re sitting here talking and they’re back in Toronto executive producing ‘More Life’. Oliver’s executive producing it and ‘40’ is obviously always involved, but kinda just a full circle moment for us, cos Oliver had so much input on ‘So Far Gone’ so I was like “man it would be nice to do something with me and you again”, so I gave him that task and he’s at home piecing it together. So yes it was a great start and from there it just became a wild journey that I guess we’ll talk about."

    Why is ‘More Life’ a playlist and it’s not classed as an album?
    "The style in which it’s being put together is based off of our concept that is OVO Sound Radio, you’ll kinda hear it when you hear the project. I love the way it’s put together by the way, it’s really put together like a seamless listen. Its almost like a radio show, basically I asked myself man what would happen if I did OVO Sound radio but every song was a new Drake song? So that was kinda my idea for it and plus how it’s being released which only that guy knows the answers, but yeah it’ll all kinda like come to fruition.

    It’s just more an evolution of the mixtape, it was kinda getting tough to be like “hey I’m dropping a mixtape, but it’s for sale on iTunes”, it’s just kinda like “Oh so that’s you’re album”. I really didn’t want to people to say “that’s your next album”. ‘VIEWS’ was my album, this is something after ‘Views I was just inspired, I wanted to keep the music flowing, I wanna keep people excited, I wanna perform this summer."

    With ‘More Life’ you got Giggs on there massive look, Giggs is official out here, he’s one of the realest, he’s lived it and he represents the streets to the fullest out here. So what was it like working with him, when you were putting the joint together?
    "I mean me and Giggs more just became like friends, Giggs is one of those guys that if he takes a liking to you, you just have to build that vibe with him. He was really into Baka, who’s like one of my best friends who’s on the road with me, but he liked his music, so we would talk about that. I would always big him up on like features, he did the song for Suspect, he did a remix. So I hit him up about that, I would send him videos when we were playing ‘Whippin’ Excursion’ in L.A and people were going crazy. And it just kinda built from there like a real genuine friendship. And then, we kinda got into this thing where it would be like, yo I’ll send you something and then he’d send it back and he’d kill it. And then I was like alright ,alright and every time I got in the studio, I’d be like yo I’ma send this to Giggs. Me and Giggs had like 3 or 4 songs, ones for his project, I got two on ‘More Life’ and then another one just kinda there."


    Drake's 'More Life' could also arrive as soon as this weekend
    Drake's "project playlist" More Life was originally slated to premiere this past weekend on Episode 39 of OVO Sound Radio on Beats 1, but Saturday (March 4) came and went without a whisper from the 6 God.

    According to HDD—the same outlet that broke the news Future would release back-to-back albums in February—fans won't have to wait much longer.

    A Drake album containing 20 newly recorded tracks could surprise-drop as soon as this weekend from YMCMB/Republic. According to U.K. sources, much of the LP was recorded with British and European collaborators during Drake’s January-February Boy Meets World Tour of Europe and the U.K., as he begins to make his brand more global.

    Drake's last album Views—which smashed every streaming record known to man in 2016—clocked in at a robust 20 tracks, so the rumored length of his forthcoming release is far from surprising. Also, given his gravitational pull toward UK rappers like Skepta, whose BBK label he flirted with in 2016, stacking More Life with a handful of European collaborators seems to fall in line with his obvious plan to continue to dominate the world's stage.

    In related news, Drake has renewed OVO's distribution deal with Warner Bros. Records, who is responsible for rostered artists like PARTYNEXTDOOR, dvsn, Majid Jordan and Roy Woods.

    Whether or not More Life drops this weekend, we have some important questions regarding its impact on Drake's .......
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