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What are you gonna do with your tax return money?

Discussion in 'Life' started by Kon, Feb 16, 2017.

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  1. I always like this time of year cuz I get a decent amount back in state and federal tax returns and it's a nice little bonus besides the usual bi-weekly pay checks. I already got my federal tax refund and should be getting the state one pretty soon. I like to claim 0 on my w4s so I get a bigger refund, it's like I'm being forced to save a bit throughout the year which is kinda nice lol, makes it worth it when I get my refund.

    I used some of the money to help pay for a trip I'm taking in June, but so far I haven't done much else with it.

    So what about the rest of you, do you tend to spend it all pretty quick on random stuff, or save it or what?
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